Hello from Steve Yan, I am studying Computer Science at Macao Polytechnic Institute as an undergraduate, and I’m interested in Algorithms studies, participated in Olympiad in Informatics by CCF. I’m also very interested in Data Science and Network Security. Often using Python, also can write C, C++, Java Code.


What you can discuss with me including but not limited to these following aspects:

CS/DS Related

  • Algorithms
  • Linux
  • Machine Learning
  • OS and Architecture
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Programming
  • Front-ended
  • ACM
  • CTF
  • Kaggle


  • Industrial Design
  • Graphic Design
  • UI/UX Design

Music & Vlogs

  • Music theory
  • Filming videos
  • Logic Pro X
  • Final Cut Pro X

Video Games

  • Overwatch
  • Minecraft
  • Xbox

WeMedia @Bilibili @YouTube

CS Tech Stack * Of which I have used in my project

# Frontend
  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, BootStrap, Reveal.js

# Backend
  C, C++, Python, Java, postgreSQL, mySQL, Oracle, socket
  programming, multi-threading, Docker, Django, Flask

# DataScience & Computer Vision
  pandas, numpy, matplotlib, pillow, web-scrapping, clustering
  machine learning, deep learning, Tensorflow, Keras, openAI

# Embedded
  Assembly, raspberry pi, Arduino, linux, HP-BASIC

# Algorithms & Data Structure
  Searching, Shortest-path, Sorting, BST, AVL, SegTree, Heap,
  Disjoint-set, Graph Theory

# Math
  Discrete Math, Statistics, Boolean algebra, Mathematica

# Cloud Computing
  AWS, Docker, linux

# Network Security
  SQL injection, bash injection

# Utils
  vim, git, tmux, bash script, markdown, hexo, wordpress